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  1. What a beautiful and insightful review!

    I loved the book, but couldn’t figure out the precise reason why? I thought I was programmed to put an Ishiguro book on a pedestal. Of course, the emotions and the desperation of the AF and the interesting chemistry between the various characters was fascinating to read. But as you pointed out, the language used in the narrative (observant yet innocent) might have been key.

    Also fantastic point about the pacing of the plot in relation to the tension!

  2. Hello, Vivek. Another *voice* thing I wonder about with this book is the difference between the experience of reading a hard copy and listening to audio. Someone recently told me that they listened to the book and the narrator’s voice had a robotic quality that turned them off. Klara’s voice wore on them after a while. I think when I read the hard copy, I perceived the syntax/content to be a little bit robotic but not necessarily the tone of how she speaks. Anyway, such a great book for discussion!

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