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  1. Such valuable information … even for writers who have been at the pen and paper for decades! Thank you, Kim. I know these are sometimes dark and days of grief for so many. Just coming out of Covid that hit me with a vengeance, I do understand the physical and emotional strain as well as the daily isolation.

    I will send you a visual of my journal and a sample of what the inside layout consists of. Daily, I write. I must! Writing is what breathes freshness in the early morning hours at the kitchen table. Writing sends me out the door with visions, new ideas and hopes that the day will go well. Writing reveals something of myself that had been turning around in my head and paused for the pen to make such thoughts evident on the page. It might be phrases from scripture reading, a morning meditation of my own creation, snippets of ideas, even lists of how I will spend my day with items checked off at dinner time.

    Writing surprises me after I’ve realized I just wrote an essay about love when I was contemplating yet another Valentine’s Day of being single. All these” journal thoughts” are seeds for future stories, poems, and perhaps even the outline for chapters of a book. Will I ever be published? Will I ever be disciplined enough to keep at it as the literary greats? Only if I declutter and put all other minuscules of busy-ness aside do I think that could be a possibility… even if it is just one little page of pondering or a short story. Sharing with other readers/writers (not for fame) a piece of my soul would indeed bring a great thrill.

    Though there are a certain beauty and solitude in charcoal trees and white hills, I so long for the 1st of March which will turn my thoughts from the frigid February to redesigning the garden patch below my office window. It’s now a desert of ice and snow. Mrs. Peter Rabbit who I shoo out every summer is huddled under the sage. I seem to have more sympathy as her marble eyes stare, perhaps she too longing for the sustenance of flowers and nibbling cucumbers.

    Yes, writing is hard, but oh how one’s life blossoms at the end of a long-enduring winter!
    Thank you.
    Patricia Tessler

    1. Such beautiful sentiments, Patricia. I love the winter landscapes yet I too share your longing for spring. And what is writing without longing? Here’s to you and your future garden and Mrs. Rabbit.

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