1. I really liked Thirteen Lives so will check out The Rescue. Sorry about kitty-cat; that’s so hard. Raoul is so handsome!

  2. I absolutely love this and I’ve decided I will do a monthly (or weekly??) List to reflect on next year.

  3. Love this list and a great idea to write about. I may include this in my yearly scrapbooks.
    My son is a 2023 graduate and was highly active on the Robotics team. It influenced his life in such a way that he is perusing a degree in electrical engineering at Kettering University starting in July. I never thought I would be so engrossed in Robotics, yet here I am. 🙂

    1. We’re living parallel lives 🙂 My son will be heading off to pursue a mechanical engineering degree. Hope your son loves his program!

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