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  1. I love handwritten notes too and have an old box of letters and notes sent to me over the years from friends and students. Like you, I collect beautiful notecards and stationery to write on, although recently I find myself printing longer pieces on the computer and gluing them on. As often as possible, I try to be succinct and do the handwriting myself.


    1. My mom and I were talking about how we don’t have many handwritten recipes from my dad’s mother because she loved to type everything on her typewriter. But those I treasure too.

  2. I, too, began a letter-writing campaign when the pandemic hit. I tore through all the pretty stationery I had been sitting on for years, sending notes to friends, family, and colleagues. It helped me feel like I was still connected. And when I received notes back – JOY! (I hadn’t expected that, which was perhaps foolish on my part.) I still have people tell me how much it meant to receive “fun” mail mixed in with all the bills and junk. Aren’t we all little kids at heart, who get excited when the mail carrier comes? It’s like magic! I have since moved on to postcards, which feels more sustainable long-term, although every once in awhile I do write a longer letter to a dear friend I know cherishes them. Thanks for this post…it really hit home!

    1. Thank you for this, Amy! Yes, I do love to walk out to get the mail. Possibilities 🙂

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